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Kronos Workforce Dimensions
Update 9/22

We have completed the transition from Workforce Central to Workforce Dimensions. While this week will continue to be a transition period between the two systems, we are ready for everyone to begin using it.

This post will be the fundamental overview and guide on how you access Dimensions and go about using some of the features. We have also included the first video guide on the new system, more on that later.

So how do you get it? Simple…

  1. Open your device’s browser and go to kronos.mslcc.com.Yep, that is it. All you need to do is use your browser. You can use your phone to go to kronos.mslcc.com, no app required. Or you can use your personal computer at home or away to go to kronos.mslcc.com. Maybe you prefer to use the shortcut on Missouri Slope PC’s to go to kronos.mslcc.com. All are valid options now. All of these devices use the exact same method, just open the browser and go to kronos.mslcc.com.
  2. Once you have arrived at kronos.mslcc.com you will be directed to our Single Sign-On system. This will ask you for a username and password. The credentials used here are your m#### and current password.This is the same username + password combo used to access your Missouri Slope Employee Email. If you are able to login to your Missouri Slope Email, you can login to kronos.mslcc.com. Your mail is the source of record in this scenario, so when your email password changes, your Dimensions password will be updated at the same time.
  3. Once you have completed logon you will be taken to the Dimensions Homepage. Here you will find tiles that put common actions and data right in front of you. You can view your schedule, pickup open shifts, make time off requests, see and fix any timecard exceptions you may have right from the homescreen. Paycheck and benefit access will be available on the home tiles once we process the upcoming payroll out of this system, so those functions are coming really soon.Interacting with the tiles will also take you into more expanded views. For example, selecting days on your schedule tile will take you to the calendar. Here you can view your schedule by day, week, moth, or year. Go further and select a shift where you can view all the shift details, even select to request it off, swap it, or request a cover all right from the shift. This keeps the action contextual to that specific shift, so no more looking for what shift you want to take action on and then going into a completely separate area just to find it again and complete the action. We hope things like this will really help make some of the more tedious things about WFC much, much quicker and easier.

This is just a few things this system can do. For now, login and explore. Remember if at any point you get lost and want to start over, there is a home button in the upper left that always takes you back to your home tiles.

If you would like to see me demonstrate this process and some of the functions, check out the video at the top of this post.

Original Post

On Sunday, September 20th, 2020 at 12AM we will be migrating our Kronos system from the Workforce Central (WFC) version to the new Kronos product called Workforce Dimensions (WFD). 9/20 is the first day of the pay period that will be paid out of the new system. Therefore all the systems that enable employees to be paid like Timekeeping, Scheduling, HR and Payroll all must move at the same time. 

This change will include a new platform to log into and new timeclocks, but since this is still a Kronos product, the changes are more like a major version update rather than switching to completely a new system. If you are familiar with  using WFC, you will find the WFD faster, more initiative, and far more like the modern web applications you all use day in and out. 

We know the timing of this, with all that is happening in 2020, is not ideal. However this update project is over a year in the making and the implementation date put us right in the middle of a global pandemic which is impacting all of us so greatly. We  have been delayed and pushed this back as much as we could to hopefully get to some type of normalcy. However we hope that the simplified workflows and tasks of Dimensions will make things easier for everyone at Missouri Slope.  

Some major points to cover right away:

  1. This page will be updated over the coming days and weeks with instructions and video content. This page can viewed at the permalink: ess.mslcc.com
  2. More stuff to learn and deal with right now is not ideal for anyone . We hear you and agree completely. All learning for this system will be presented under the ideology of “As Fast As Possible”. Since the content is on-demand, you can review it in anywhere, anytime, and as many times that work for you. 
  3. All timeclocks will be replaced at 12am 9/20. They are now a touch screen model, but the buttons and functions of the clock are the same as our existing 4500 timeclocks. If you are even slightly familiar with the current timeclocks then we are confident you will be able to operate the new clocks without issue. We will have the digital signs next to each clock constantly playing the instruction on how to use the clock to ensure everyone’s transition is smooth. 
    Also your punches made after 12am 9/20 will be sent to the Dimensions system. Timecards in WFC will no longer receive any punches. So if you monitor your punches via the app or web now, you will need to monitor them in WFD after 12am 9/20.
  4. We need to take requests offline 9/17 @ 6pm. This includes shift and time off requests. We need to do this to migrate them to WFD. Our goal is to have the requests back online within 24 hours. However the amount of requests and schedules to move and validate might take a bit more time. Requests will be available again on 9/20. The timeframe between  9/17 @ 6pm and 9/20 12am will be a blackout zone for requests. Once requests come back online they will only come back online in Dimensions, requests will not be returning to our current Workforce Central system. During this blackout, you can still view your punches, schedules, paystubs, etc in WFC via the mobile or web app.
  5. For schedule users, the schedules will be migrated to Dimensions during the 9/17 @ 6pm blackout as well. You will still be able to view your existing schedules in WFC during the blackout and beyond. Schedules will be imported and posted from 9/20 12am to the end of your currently posted schedule.  New schedule posts will be posted to Dimensions only after this time. WFC schedules will be unposted from 9/20 12am forward. Your historical schedules will still be available in WFC. 
  6. There is no mobile app for Dimensions. Yes really, no app needed.  The application is purely browser based and completely responsive to all devices. You can access it from MSLCC devices, your personal devices, a library PC, or any device with a browser that is connected to the internet. This is great as there is nothing else to install, update, or configure. Just browse to the link, login, and go. Your m#### and password will continue to be the only credentials you need to access Dimensions. More information on this will be released very very soon. The system isn’t quite ready for user access while we finish the last bit of configuration and final migration steps. Goal is to have information emailed out and updated on ess.mslcc.com the morning of 9/18 on how to access the new system. Please stay tuned to these channels for this very important piece of the update. 

Thank you for taking the time to look over this important information. We are excited to finally be able to begin to share this update with you. 

-Missouri Slope Kronos Team